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Socialville-Fosters Road Improvements

To learn more about the Socialville-Fosters Road Improvements, please view the following video: 

Project Information:

Socialville-Fosters Road was widened from two to five lanes from Innovation Way to Columbia Road, and the bridge over I-71 was replaced.

As part of this project, a new double-lane roundabout was constructed at Socialville-Fosters Road and Innovation Way, including intersection and signal improvements at Columbia Road. The roundabout is now a four-legged roundabout with the southern leg being built in anticipation of the extension of Innovation Way south from Socialville-Fosters Road to Duke Boulevard (construction to occur in 2017).

In addition, a new southbound right turn lane has been added at the intersection of Socialville-Fosters Road and Columbia Road.

A five-foot wide pedestrian walkway on the north side of the road between Innovation Way and Columbia Road has been built.

Project Benefits:

*Additional travel lanes on Socialville-Fosters ease congestion for local and business traffic moving through this high-traffic area.

*The addition of a pedestrian walkway supports multi-modal travel in this area and supports improved safety for pedestrian and other non-vehicular traffic.

*Roundabouts are recognized for increasing safety by reducing potential conflict points, improving travel delays by eliminating traffic signals and providing attractive entries or centerpieces to communities by adding aesthetic features as part of the roundabout design.

*The new southbound right turn lane is an outcome of the need to service the newly-constructed Festo facility of 175,000 square feet, representing $50 million in new investment and 250 new jobs.

Overall, these improvements improve transportation access, mobility and efficiency in the area to support local businesses and future development as well as residential traffic.