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Project Status


Western Row Road
and I-71 Interchange Improvements

The 2005 Southwest Warren County Transportation Study identified the improvement of the Western Row Road interchange as a high-priority project.

Five conceptual alternatives were developed. The completion of the 2010 Conceptual Alternatives Study (CAS) recommended three alternatives (Alternatives 2, 4, and 5) be advanced for further study. Upon further consideration, Alternative 2 was eliminated due to the number of traffic signals and insufficient level of service on Western Row Road. A new alternative was created, Alternative 6, to undergo further study. Project planners held a public involvement meeting in the summer of 2013 and gathered public feedback on each alternative. Alternative 6 was advanced as the preferred alternative. The design process has begun, Phase 1 is fully funded and construction is planned to begin in 2016.  Phase 2 is fully funded, and construction will begin in 2017.


Recommended Preferred Alternative

Recommended Preferred Alternative (Alt 6) PDF (5.25 MB)

To read more about the process that was followed to develop the current recommended Preferred Alternative for the Western Row Road and I-71 Interchange Improvements project, please visit the Warren County Transportation Improvement District’s website:

3-D renderings

East of I-71
West of I-71

Project Phasing Plan

Project Phasing Plan PDF (5.45 MB)

Kings Island Drive Improvements

This project is now under construction, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. Click here to learn more about this work.